Making Your way in the Art World. A Discussion with Tracy Levesque, A.k.a., “The Birch Lady.”

Tracy Levesque at the SoWa Art Market in Boston’s South End © Julia Swanson 2016

Life as an artist is never easy and “making it” is even more of a challenge than most people realize.  Join me as I sit down with Tracy Levesque, also known as “the Birch Lady” and discuss some of the ins and outs of making your way in the art world.

As my first attempt at producing this type of interview and sharing it as an audio file this by no means is it perfect.  I had some technical issues, and there was a big learning curve but despite that I am still pretty siked to have it finished. I am equally excited to finally be able to share my interview with you.  SO, join me as I sit down with Tracy via Skype for 20 minutes, and talk to her professional trajectory and what its like making a living as a professional fine artist.

Press play to hear the interview below.

You can connect with Tracy online at: Tracy Levesque Fine Art website, TwitterFacebookEtsyInstagra

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