“Augument,” Finding Joy at the Cyclorama

There is something pleasantly disquieting about Nick Cave’s “Augment,” which is now on view at the Cyclorama in Boston’s South End. It is colorful, enormous, jarring, and surreal, and in a way it almost looks like something you would expect to see in the Upside-Down. The lawn ornaments which have been sewn together into five assemblages undulate and shift with the breeze as each piece pulls in different directions almost seeming to want a life of their own. Standing there you are immersed in it as a visitor while at the same time very much separate from the pieces you are observing.

This installation provokes in the way all good art should. It is a simply wondrous and whimsical installation that allows the strangeness and disquieting chaos of todays world to smile at you through the seemingly familiar and force you to contemplate “what brings you joy?”

Nick Cave, is an African-American artist and sculptor known for his work which is vibrant, evocative and very socially active. He is most well known for his “Sound Suits,” but he has a large body of work including “Until” which was installed in at Mass MOCA in 2016.

Augmentby Nick Cave will be on display in the Cyclorama, Boston Center for the Arts, August 8 -22, August 27 – Sept 3 and Sept 12 -13, 2019. The exhibits hours are: Mon 10 – 6 , Tue 10 – 6, Weds 10 – 6, Thurs 10 – 6, Friday 10 – 8, Sat 10 – 6, Sun 10 – 6. Admission is free. The Boston Center for the Arts is at 539 Tremont Street Boston.

Augument” will be leaving it’s current home on September 14 and moving via Boston’s first ever Joy Parade to the Upham’s Corner neighborhood where there will be a block party and festival. More information about “Augment” is available on the Now + There Inc website

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