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After an extensive lockdown and what felt like endlessly looping around my neighborhood on a seemingly endless series of the same walks, I decided I needed a new backdrop. In normal times if I needed to refresh I would meet up with friends to hang out or and grab some dinner or maybe even plan a weekend excursion but in Covid times doing anything inside, much less visiting a museum, has become a lot more complicated. The idea of not seeing any new people and experiencing new things was asking too much so I decided to head to East Boston.

Download map and list of art work below. Larger map below

With the ICA Watershed already established as a creative hotspot (closed for the cold months) and Harbor Arts working to bring more public art to the Boston Waterfront the addition of the new murals exploring ocean advocacy scheduled to go up mid summer seemed incredibly fortuitous. Although I had periodically visited the ICA and the ICA Watershed in the East Boston Shipyard prior to Covid I didn’t know what I expected as I exited the Maverick T-Stop with my facemask on for the first time in honestly a very long time. What I found was an inspiring cache of incredible art ensconced in different locations around the lively and diverse neighborhood that is East Boston.

This trip I was focused on finding the 19 new murals that were going up in the neighborhood as part of Seawalls Boston 2021. Created in collaboration with a roster of national and international mural artists the Seawalls: Artists for Oceans project is part of the PangeaSeed Foundation’s public art program that has been working with artists all over the world to create public art that engages and educates audiences about the challenges facing our oceans. Boston is now home to 21 of those murals, with 19 installed in East Boston, (there is also one in front of the Aquarium and one next to Fenway Park). East Boston is a rapidly evolving neighborhood rich with history and diversity along with the new additions there is a collection of classic murals whose age speaks to the tenacity of a neighborhood and the determination of the inhabitants that have made it what it is.

Please keep in mind as you tour that the city is a busy place with people from all walks. It is up to you to be careful as you walk around. Please respect the neighborhood(s) and the people who live and work there, and have a safe visit.

Download map & list of art work

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Map Updated: April 2022

Total Distance: 4.0 Miles/ 6.43 kilometers

Estimated Time: 1:15 min – 2:30 min, depending on your pace.

Neighborhood: East Boston

Closest Subway: Maverick Station, Blue Line

Food: Looking for food? I recommend taking a look at Boston Eater, or this other article

THIS MAP IS NOT FOR DRIVING. If you are unfamiliar with the neighborhood I recommend you also employ a map app.


*Instagram handle, name and website included where available

  1. Maverick Square” by C. Lauson. At the corner of Maverick and Henry Street
  2. untitled” Paris Street Mural by City of Boston Mural Crew, 2017. 82 Paris Street. 
  3. History of East Boston by Unknown Artist – 155 Meridian Street.  Side of Americano Espresso Bar.
  4. Untitled by @done_rite_designs at La Hacienda Restaurant. 150 Meridian Street, the Mural is actually on the back side, on Liverpool Street.  
  5. Protect What You Love by @itsaliving – Central Square, East Boston.  Behind MacDonalds and Autozone. Seawalls Bostonv 2021
  6. Death to Plastic by @tallboy666 – 160 Liverpool Street.  Seawalls Boston 2021
  7. Guiding Giants by @tajfrancis – 150 Liverpool Street.  Seawalls Boston 2021
  8. Fear by @sophytuttle – 60 Border Street.  Seawalls Boston 2021
  9. “Zumix Radio Block Party Mural” by Liz LaManche, 2017 (& Volunteers) IG @Liz_lamanche  250 Sumner Street. (Across from the Fire Station at 239 Sumner Street.)
  10. Precipice by @beaustanton – East Boston Fire Station & Mary Ellen Welch Greenway.  Easily viewed from S. Breman Street.  Seawalls Boston 2021
  11. Guardian by @josiemorway – Cunard Tavern.  24 Orleans Street.  Seawalls Boston 2021
  12. Untitled” blue mural by Unknown. Marginal Street, at entryway to East Boston Shipyard on Left side. 
  13. “Gates of Transcendence” by Michael Alfano. Installation. East Boston Shipyard
  14. “Kelp Meal Makes Excellent Soil” by Paul Howe. Installation. East Boston Shipyard
  15. Sky Cranes” by Rachel Mello.  Sculpture.  
  16. “Untitled” Pink person with fish and cityscape by Unknown.  East Boston Shipyard
  17. “Protect What You Love” by @Imagine876 East Boston Shipyard. Seawalls Boston 2020
  18. Diving Lady” by Unknown.
  19. Home of Chowder King” restored by Neon Williams
  20. “Fight the Rise” by @josiemorway – East Boston Shipyard.  Seawalls Boston 2020
  21. “Rise” by @silvialopezchavez – East Boston Shipyard. Seawalls Boston 2020
  22. The Codfish” by Steve Israel.  Above “Rise”. 
  23. “The Calling” by @vise_1_boston & @julzroth East Boston Shipyard. Seawalls Boston 2020
  24. “Intersectional Environmentalism” by @artyouhungry – Donald McKay Elementary School. 122 Cottage Street.  Seawalls Boston 2021. 
  25. “Aquatic Dimensions” by @felipeortizart – Donald McKay Elementary School. 122 Cottage Street.  Seawalls Boston 2021 
  26. “Guardianes del Mar” by @oh_sabadee – Donald McKay Elementary School. 122 Cottage Street.  Seawalls Boston 2021
  27. “Solo Hay Un Océano” by @artworkofkai & @most_funky_click – Donald McKay Elementary School.  122 Cottage Street. Seawalls Boston 2021
  28. “Untitled” by @Marka_27 – Donald McKay Elementary School. 122 Cottage Street. Seawalls Boston 2021
  29. “To Immigrants with Love” by Mayor’s Martin Walsh’s Office of Immigrant Advancement and the Mayor’s Mural Crew.  Under Summer Street overpass
  30. “Rising Tides” by @sophytuttle – Mary Ellen Welch Greenway,  Summer Street underpass, Seawallls Boston, 2020
  31. “Untitled” 2020. Plant Life mural by The Boston Natural Areas Network Youth Corp beneath Gove Street overpass, 2020
  32. “East Boston Greenway” by East Boston Greenway Mural by Boston Natural Areas Youth Conservation Corp.  Under Gove Street overpass, 2006
  33. “Hope and Resistance” by @afhboston – Mary Ellen Welch Greenway,  Under Porter Street Overpass.  Seawalls Boston 2021
  34. Untitled” The Boston Natural Areas Network Youth Conservation Corps, 2017
  35. “Heart of the Ocean” by @felipeortiz – 260 Bremen Street.  Seawalls Boston 2021. Follow the path to the ranger station, exit to the left and this mural is just across the street on the side of a garage.  
  36. “Parasitic Pandora” by @squid.licker – 62 Chelsea Street.  Seawalls Boston 2021

SIDEQUESTS !!! (These are absolutely beautiful but NOT in Eastie)

  1. “Protect the Blue Planet”  by Shepard Fairy @obeygiant – Seawalls Boston 2021.  Aquarium T Stop, Blue Line
  1. PROTECT” by @dragon76art – Seawalls Boston 2021. This is in the alley between 120-126 Brookline Ave.  Boston.  Close to the Kenmore Square T Stop, Greenline. It is also easily viewable from Van Ness Street.  


Photos are in approximate order

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