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The Seaport is a neighborhood being reimagined. Regardless of how you may feel about that there is an undeniable optimism to the changes that are being made, both big and small. Walking over Fort Point Channel and down the main streets you see a bustling neighborhood with boutiques, museums, parks and restaurants that is still going through some growing pains but has a definite vision for its future.

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It was much to my delight that I discovered that there was also a place for public art in that vision and there was a lot more public art than I initially anticipated. As a slight departure from my previously published tours the work in this area leans heavily towards the sculptural and the abstract with many of the works seeming to take thematic cues from the region and of course the ocean.

With 28 different stops this is currently my only art walk to include museums along the route (both the Boston Children’s Museum and The Institute of Contemporary Art are noted on the map) and much like the East Boston Art Walk if you veer slightly off the path for a few moments you can get an incredible view of the Boston Skyline from the Harbor Walk. As one of the newer neighborhoods of the city I think this is often one of the least understood and while I can’t really claim to have any great insight, I will say that with the cool ocean breezes and the abundance of activities make for a lovely and very unique experience.

This is a very busy neighborhood so as always, please respect the neighborhood and the people who live and work there, and have a safe visit.

Download Map & List of Art Work

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Map Updated on August 14, 2022

Total Distance: About 3 miles/4.82 Kilometers

Estimated Time: 1.5 Hours

Neighborhood: Seaport

Closest Subway: South Station – Red Line, Courthouse – Silver Line, Congress Street @ World Trade Center – Silver Line

Food Options: If you are looking for recommendations I suggest checking out Boston Eater

THIS MAP IS NOT FOR DRIVING. If you are unfamiliar with the neighborhood I recommend you also employ a map app.


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  1. PYR14” by Don Eyles, 2014 (floating pyramid).  Between Summer and Congress Street
  2. Giant Hood Milk Bottle” by Arthur Gagner, 1934. 306 Congress Street
  3. Tides” by Tomek Sandurski.  Farnsworth & Congress Street (Patterned black & white panels)
  4. Creation: Light” by @okudart
  5. We Are Looking out for Each Other” by Jon Burgerman. 60 Seaport Blvd (Mural & Installed sidewalk pieces)
  6. Boston is the new Boston” by Half Studio and Just Kids.  29 Northern Ave.
  7. Creation: Water” by @okudart
  8. Damascus Gate” by Frank Stella, 1970.  72 Seaport Blvd  (Geometric mural above entrance way).
  9. Mythology: Being 1” by @okudart
  10. Mythology: Being 2” by @okudart
  11. Natural Balance: Coexistence” by @okudart
  12. Diversity: Domestic” by @okudart
  13. Diversity: Wild by @okudart
  14. Massachusetts Fallen Heroes Memorial by James Carpenter & Reed Hildebrand (Obelisk) Marina Park, close to ICA
  15. I love You, All Of You” by Ryan Adams. 111 Autumn Lane (Garage Doors)
  16. The Passage” by 1010 (Ten-ten) 111 Harbor Way. (colourful concentric shapes above doorway)
  17. Parade” by Tomislav. 111 Harbor Way.  Go Inside.  (Hanging Rainbow Installation).
  18. A Sea Bird” by @strega_maria (basketball court mural).  21 Stillings Street
  19. Tides” by Janet Tan, 2021.  23-27 Stillings Street. (Installation on side of building)
  20. Leviathan” by Wendy M Ross. 2002  Ross Sculpture Studio (approx at B Street and Seaport Ave).  Across from the Commonwealth Pier right on the corner.
  21. Chords” by David Phillips, 2000 (Multi-piece installation) Eastport Park Sculpture Garden. D Street & Congress
  22. Atrape Soleil” by Daniel Buren, 2013.  Corner of Seaport Boulevard and D Street.  Eastport Park Sculpture Garden.
  23. The Four Seasons I-IV” by Sam Hall, 2019 Eastport Park Sculpture Garden. D Street & Seaport Boulevard.
  24. The Partisans” Andrzej Pitynski (1979) Sculpture on an island on D Street.
  25. Gables Seaport Graphic Mural” by Artists for Humanity @afh, 2021.  Congress Street to World Trade Center Avenue,  Next to World trade Center Silver Line Stop. On Stairs
  26. Swing Time” by Meejin Yoon and Eric Höweler.  Lawn on D.  420 D Street Boston.
  27. Starry Night” by Lisa Greenfield and Daniel J Ackere.  Light Installation (on the underside of the Summer Street Bridge, this is really only visible at night)


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  1. I really enjoyed the South Boston/Ink Block Art Walk – my favorite was the Nina Simone mural – she’s one of my favorite vocalists. Can’t wait for a cool summer day when I can start to explore the Seaport district!

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