Hello Summer 2023 and Art Walk Project updates!

After an outstanding 2022 during which five new Art Walks were introduced and The Art Walk Project was featured in multiple news outlets the question is where to go next?

With a new series of Art Walks planned for this year we started out the 2023 season with the Allston Art Walk, a 1.3 mile tour around the lively neighborhood of Allston Village.  As always The Art Walk project focuses on providing an easily accessible and curated creative experience that encourages people to explore different communities by engaging with the public art in different neighborhoods and public spaces.   

It is through generous donations that the Art Walk Project has continued to thrive and remain free for all.   It is my hope that going forward The Art Walk Project will be able to continue bringing people and public art together and help redefine Boston as an art city.  To learn how you can help support The Art Walk project please visit the support page on the website.  

I also want to take a moment to say a massive Thank You to everyone who has been so supportive of this project.  Donations are always really appreciated but so is the effort of everyone who has shared The Art Walk Project with friends, shared the project on social media, taken an Art Walk, sent it to local press, or even just been enthusiastic and encouraging with their words.  It all makes a huge difference and I am truly grateful for all the support.

What Art Walks are coming in 2023? I don’t like spoilers so you’re going to have to stick around to find out!

Thank you again, and Happy Art Walking!  

Support The Art Walk Project!

If you enjoy the Art Walk Project and would like to see it grow please make a contribution. It will help us make sure this project can continue to help people explore creativity in our communities through public art. Thanks!

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