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One of the most heavily trafficked areas of the city Back Bay is synonymous with almost everything that makes Boston the kind of place that people love to visit. It is full of food, shopping, bars, museums, historic sites, buskers, open markets and of course, public art.

With all of those enticements it’s easy to walk through the area and overlook the art in plain sight. However, with 42 different works ranging from creative cows, to ground breaking architecture, to a sculpture garden situated beneath the long shady canopy of Commonwealth Ave this art walk will challenge you to see the Back Bay neighborhood in a new way. This 3 mile creative adventure will take you down all the familiar streets and through well known spaces while highlighting key monuments and interesting pieces that speak about not just the history of the city and it’s notable figures but also showcases the kind of creative talent and innovation the area is known for.

The Back Bay neighborhood is one of the most easily accessible neighborhoods in the city with an abundance of T stops and also within walking distance of the public garden, and Downtown area. Please remember, as you tour that this is a very busy neighborhood. Please respect the neighborhood(s), the art, and the people who live and work there.

As a side note, there are some “Creative Side quests: for the Advanced Art Walker” included with this Art Walk as well. You will find them at the end of the Art Walk List below. They come with a “hint” but no image and they are all adjacent to the areas you will already be walking through.

As always, live creatively and travel safely!


Last Updated: June 30, 2023

Total Distance: approx 3 miles

Estimated Time: 2 hrs

Neighborhood: Back Bay, Boston.

Closest Subway: Greenline, Arlington, Copley, Hynes Convention Center, Symphony,

Orange Line, Back Bay.

Food: For recommendations I suggest checking out Boston Eater


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Artist information, website, and IG handle included where available

  1. Trompe L’ Oleil by Richard John Haas, 1977. ( Mass Ave & Newbury St at Boston Architectural Center
  2. Sculpture of Domingo Sarimiento” Dedicated in 1973. Commonwealth Park (
  3. “Statue of Lucy Stone” by Meredith Bergmann, dedicated in 2003. Boston Women’s Memorial Commonwealth Park 
  4. “Statue of Abagail Adams” by Meredith Bergmann, dedicated in 2003. Boston Women’s Memorial.  Commonwealth Park
  5. Statue of Phyllis Wheatley” by Meredith Bergmann, dedicated in 2003. Boston Women’s Memorial.   Commonwealth Park
  6. “Statue of Samuel Elliot Morrison” by Penelope Jencks and dedicated in 1982. Commonwealth Park.
  7. “Statue of William Lloyd Garrison Memorial” by Olin Levi Warner dedicated in 1886.  Commonwealth Park.
  8. “Vendome Memorial” created by Third Floor Studio, Ted Clausen, artist, and Peter White, landscape architect.  Dedicated in 1977.  Commonwealth Park
  9. “Statue of Patrick Andrews Collins” by Henry Kitson and Theo Alice Kitson, 1908 Commonwealth Park
  10. “John Glover Statue” by John Milmore, 1875 Commonwealth Park
  11. “Alexander Hamilton Sculpture” Commonwealth Park
  12. “Berkley Building” by Stephen Codman and Constant-Désiré Despradelle, 1905  Beaux arts style
  13. “Original Museum of Natural History Building now Restoration Hardware” Building at 236 Boylston Street. Designed by William G Preston, 1863. 
  14. “Mass Mutual Life Insurance Building” (Site of Original MIT, Rodgers Building)
  15. “Gopal” by Sunil Gulab.  At courtyard at 500 Boylston Street.  @sunil_gulab 500 Boylston Street, in Courtyard. Part of Cow Parade New England.
  16. “Hope” by Grimm Xavier. @grhimmx ( ) 500 Boylston Street, intersection. Part of Cow Parade New England
  17. Trinity Church, Copley Square
  18. “John Singleton Copley Sculpture” by Lewis Cohen, installed in 2002.  Copley Plaza
  19. “Marathon Memorial” Copley Square.  On the Boylston Street Side.   
  20. “Tortoise and Hare” by Nancy School, 1995 (  at Copley Square
  21. “Kahlil Gibran Memorial” by Kahlil Gibran (Kahlil Gibran) at Copley Square facing the Boston Public Library
  22. “Boston Public Library” 1888-1895, constructed by McKim, Mead and White. 
  23. “Commonwealth of Massachusetts seal” by Augustus Saint-Gudens. On left over the Boston Public Library Copley entrance doorway
  24. “The Library Seal” by Augustus Saint-Gudens. Center seal, over the Boston Public Library Copley entrance doorway
  25. “The City of Boston seal” by Augustus Saint-Gudens.  Right seal, over the Boston Public Library Copley entrance doorway
  26. “Head of Minerva, Relief ” (Free for All) by Saint Gaudens and Mora— Above the Copley Entrance of the Boston Public Library
  27. “Art” Sculpture by Bela Pratt, installed in 1912.  On the Left side of the Boylston Street- Boston Public Library Entrance
  28. “Science” Sculpture by Bela Pratt, installed in 1912.  On Right side of the Boylston Street Boston Public Library Entrance
  29. “Kip (Mary Jane) Tiernan Memorial” Between Columbus and Berkley, next to Copley T Stop
  30. Old South Church” 1875. (3rd site of the Old South Church.  The church originally established at a different site in 1670)
  31. “Marathon Bombing Memorial Spires” Part 1 designed by Pablo Eduardo, 2019.  (  Across from the new BPL entrance. Boylston Street
  32. “Marathon Bombing Memorial Spires” Part 2 designed by Pablo Eduardo, 2019.  (  Across from the Republic Bank
  33. “Moodern Art” by Barbara Johansen Newman. @johansennewman ( On Boylston Street In front of new entrance to the BPL. Part of Cow Parade New England.
  34. “Paint” by Deborah Butterfield.  On Dartmouth Street Just outside of Copley Square.  
  35. “Proud Cow” by Linda Murray. @lindaclowesmurray ( ) Part of Cow Parade New England..  
  36. Fairmont Copley” opened on August 19, 1912. 
  37. John Hancock Tower” – 1970’s, designed by I.M Pei. (I.M. Pei)
  38. “A Friendly Flock Touches Down” two murals by Lisa Houck (Across from Flour, Clarendon) (
  39. “Highway Art” viewable from Columbus Ave
  40. “Uplift” by Mia Perelman, 2013 (
  41. “Salada Tea Doors” designed by Harry Wilson, cast by The Gorham Company.  Installed in 1926.  Marble Reliefs surrounding door created by M Caesar Caira.  (Stuart Street 2 blocks down from flour) 300 Stuart Street
  42. “Prismatic Clock” by SoSo Limited, 2019. Light Installation.  (Stuart Street just after “Salade Tea Doors”) (

CREATIVE SIDEQUEST! for the advanced art walker!

Adjacent to, but necessarily right on this Art Walk. Hints included. Good luck!

“Carp Mural” by @enamelkingdom hint: Berklee

“Os Gememos” by @osgememos, 2012. hint: heading down to Chinatown

“Balloon Doorway Mural” by Artist Unknown hint: chocolate shop

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This gallery is in approximate order.

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