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Hello, hello everyone!

I have three announcements to share.

First, the website is going to have a series of updates over the next few months. Nothing is going away but things will probably move around.

Second, there is at least one more art walk coming before the end of the year. No spoilers on where, so you will have to wait and see which neighborhood it is in.

Finally, I am very excited to introduce the official opening of my Art Walk Project Shop! In it you can find the downloads but, more excitingly you can also find a brand new series of Art Walk Project fine art prints. These stunning and carefully crafted archival prints feature a selection of the art walks that are part of this project and they would make a wonderful gift or souvenir. They will be in stock until they sell out and if you have questions or don’t see what you’re looking for please contact me.

So much of the success of this project is due to your ongoing interest and support for which I am truly grateful and can not thank you enough.

– Julia.

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