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Thank you for your interest in the Art Walk Project and for your interest in helping the project continue to grow. There are a few key ways you can help out…

1. Donate!

One of my goals for this project is to keep it free for everyone and keep it running. With that being said it takes a lot of work to produce each Art Walk and make sure everything is working smoothly. It is my hope that along with being able to keep the project running I will be able to pay it forward in some way, whether it be paying people to help me produce more Art Walks or by supporting the development of art within our community. So, I hope if you tried an art walk and enjoyed it you will consider making a donation. Even the smallest amount can make a big difference.

2. Take an Art Walk!

Grab a friend (or friends) and head out to explore creativity in the communities.

3. Share the Art Walk Project with your family, friends and community!

Is there someone you might think would be interested in doing an Art Walk? Do you know someone planning a visit to the area?

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If there is specific news media outlet, (TV, radio, digital, print) you think might be interested in this project, why not share it with them?

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7. Let me know of any new art!

If there’s something you think I should check out or if you think there is somewhere I should consider including in an Art Walk. Let me know! I can’t include everything but I will check it out!

8. Become a Sponsor or collaborate on an Art Walk!

If you want to sponsor or collaborate on an Art Walk please contact me via email!

Thank you for stopping by! Please feel free to connect and contact me with any questions via social media!

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