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  • Seaport Art Walk

    Seaport Art Walk

    The Seaport is a neighborhood being reimagined. Regardless of how you may feel about that there is an undeniable optimism to the changes that are being made, both big and small. Walking over Fort Point Channel and down the main streets you see a bustling neighborhood with boutiques, museums, parks and restaurants that is still… Read more

  • Chinatown Art Walk

    Chinatown Art Walk

    Cool art and good food are two of the best reasons I can think of to go anywhere. Whether you are enjoying the culture, people, shopping, or food Chinatown has always been one of the most distinct neighborhoods in the city and there is always a reason to stop by and see what’s going on.… Read more

  • South Boston Art Walk, Feat. Ink Block Underground

    South Boston Art Walk, Feat. Ink Block Underground

    At the far end of the South End and just below an overpass awaits a pocket of public art you might not yet be aware of. Happening upon it the Underground at Ink Block feels like kind of a creative oasis and at just under a mile, with benches and tables as well as being… Read more

  • East Boston Art Walk

    East Boston Art Walk

    After an extensive lockdown and what felt like endlessly looping around my neighborhood on a seemingly endless series of the same walks, I decided I needed a new backdrop. In normal times if I needed to refresh I would meet up with friends to hang out or and grab some dinner or maybe even plan… Read more

  • A Central Square Art Walk

    A Central Square Art Walk

    If you’re interested in Public Art, and looking to see something new there is probably no better neighborhood to get started than Central Square in Cambridge. Situated directly on the Redline, Central Square is known to be one of the more colourful neighborhoods in the Metro Boston area and has a long history of supporting… Read more